Body of Work

Great Women

Sculpture in Sienna Marble



Greta, in a piece of white marble from Italy, picked from a quarry and which then lay for many years in the pile of stones in my studio. I start to bring her out. I think she looks a bit like my mother, have described my mother as a mixture of Greta Garbo, Rod Stewart and Barbra Streisand… Here she came anyway, with as much integrity and beauty as Greta Garbo.



Sculpture in Red Marble

Julia, in red marble from Verona. The marble from the town where a young couple of the Montague and Capulet families had to die for their love. My Julia has closed eyes and a mouth ready for a kiss.

Red Marble – 2011 75x150x75 cm


Sculpture in Alabaster


The fact that the stone can have hidden surprises inside which only show when my chisel has dug into it. That’s what keeps me going I think, thats part of my personality and thats why this material is closest to me.

– Yemisi